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Could Bitcoin have more than 21 million coins? 

There are avenues to modify the total allowable supply of Bitcoin to exceed 21 million coins. However, before we look at this in-depth let’s summarise what are widely accepted as the principles of Bitcoin:  Limited supply  One of the attractive features of Bitcoin is knowing the total allowable supply (21 million), which in principle avoids inflation.    Open-Source  Bitcoin’s source code should be open source.  This.

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Introducing your Portfolio

About your Wallet Your Easy Crypto Wallet (previously called a ‘portfolio’) is what’s called a “cold wallet”. This means that it is completely offline, and impervious to any attacks or hacking. It is encrypted with the latest AES 256-bit CBC encryption. For the safest storage, put it on a USB drive, and store it in a physically secure location.  It.

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