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Looking to Sell Bitcoin in Australia? We look no further! You’ve just found Australia’s safest, fastest and easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin. 😎

But before you sell Bitcoin, it is always a good idea to ask yourself the following questions:

Why am I selling now?  Do I need the money?  Have I made a profit?  What if Bitcoin keeps going up? Will I regret it if I sell Bitcoin today?

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All these questions would be swirling around in your head and they all require answers to help you make the correct decision.  Maybe you want to buy a new car, or maybe you have to put the money towards a house deposit.  All these things are great reasons to sell Bitcoin

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On the other hand, if you are selling Bitcoin to realise gains before you buy back in on a dip, I recommend you proceed with caution and think things through thoroughly before you sell Bitcoin in Australia.

Once you’ve thoroughly thought through your Bitcoin position and investing strategy, you and only you will now know if it a good time to sell your Bitcoin.

Now that you’ve 100% confirmed your intentions and gameplan and you’re still wanting to sell Bitcoin in Australia – continue reading below. 👇

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How to Sell Bitcoin in Australia

To sell Bitcoin in Australia, your first point of action is to sign up with a Bitcoin exchange or broker that allows you to sell Bitcoin (BTC) for Australian Dollars (AUD).

There are many decent Bitcoin exchanges and brokers in Australia, and luckily for you, you’ve just found Australia’s safest, fastest and easiest option – Easy Crypto Australia! 👑

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Why is Easy Crypto Australia’s Best Bitcoin Exchange?

Easy Crypto is the best choice if you want to sell Bitcoin in Australia for three key reasons: 🙂

  • Easy Crypto has some of the best Bitcoin prices in Aussie – so you get more bang for your buck when selling with us!
  • We’re the only Bitcoin exchange in Australia to protect all orders with a 100% funds safety guarantee.
  • You can create a free account with us, sell Bitcoin, and have your AUD delivered to your Australian bank account within 24 hours or less.
Easy Crypto Australia Trust Pilot reviews
Click here to see Easy Crypto Australia’s Trust Pilot reviews.

With over 10,000m verified customers, 100,000+ orders and over 180 five star reviews on Trust Pilot, Easy Crypto is easily your best choice to sell Bitcoin in Australia. 🤠

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How to Sell Bitcoin with Easy Crypto

Your first step to sell Bitcoin through Easy Crypto Australia is to create a free account and get it verified. Head to this link here to create your free account:

Due to Australia cryptocurrency laws, all Bitcoin exchanges and brokers must comply with local cryptocurrency regulations – which include the requirement for Bitcoin exchange users to verify their identity when buying or selling cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

The good news is that we make this easy, and you can have your account verified and ready to sell Bitcoin in 5 minutes or less. ⚡

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Now that you have created an account with ECAU and you’re verified – you’re now 100% in the green to buy and sell Bitcoin in Australia on your own command.

Our Bitcoin selling process is so easy that it barely requires a walkthrough, but if you need a hand with using ECAU going forward, our guide below will provide you with step by step instructions.

Click here to see our guide on how to sell Bitcoin in Australia with Easy Crypto AU. 🤙

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Easy Crypto FAQ’s – Sell Bitcoin Australia

Q. What are the tax implications when I sell Bitcoin in Australia?

A. When buying and selling any Cryptocurrency in Australia you must understand your tax obligations with the Australian Tax Office.  In general, every AUD to Crypto, Crypto to AUD and Crypto to Crypto trade is a tax ‘event’.  Contact a crypto friendly accountant (such as Darcy Financial) to discuss your personal situation before selling.

Q. How long does it take to receive my AUD after I sell Bitcoin in Australia?

A. It is all dependent on Australian bank processing times.  This can range from almost instant (in the case of NPP type payments) through to 3 business days.  The exchange will keep you in the loop via email.

Q. Can I cash out to my partners Australian account?

A. Contact Easy Crypto via email to discuss this.

Q. Why is the sell price higher than the buy price?

A. Selling Bitcoin in Australia (and across the world) always follows the same principle, that is there is a buying and selling market.  Buyers will set a buying price and sellers a selling price.  To buy, your buying price must match the sellers price.  The difference between these two prices is called ‘the spread’.  So in order to sell instantly, you must lower your sell price down to the buy price to match up with a buyer.  Once this occurs your order immediately processes.  This is all done by the exchange automatically and you don’t have to worry about it.

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