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Buy Bitcoin Australia

What is The Fastest, Safest and Easiest Way To Buy Bitcoin Australia?

We often get people asking us how can they can get involved in Bitcoin or what is the best way they can buy Bitcoin Australia for under $100. 

Well, Look no further! You’ve just found Australia’s safest, easiest and fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoin! – Easy Crypto Australia 👑

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How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia?

Easy Crypto is an Australian based cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for the average Australian to buy and sell Bitcoin in seconds. ⚡

  • Easy Crypto has some of the best Bitcoin prices in Australia.
  • You can Buy Bitcoin Australia and have it delivered to your personal wallet in less than 4 minutes.
  • Easy Crypto has over 10,000 users, and we have over 180 five-star reviews on Trust Pilot.
Easy Crypto Australia Trust Pilot reviews
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How to Buy Bitcoin Australia with Easy Crypto AU

To Buy Bitcoin in Australia through Easy Crypto, your first step is to create a free account and get verified. Once your account creation and verification is complete, your next step is head to our main trading page and create your Bitcoin order.

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Head to our main website to Buy Bitcoin Australia here:

Now that you’re at our main trading page, you can insert how much Bitcoin you want to buy or how much AUD you are wanting to spend. Once confirmed, click ‘Buy Now’, and you will be able to pay for and complete your order. Once paid for, your Bitcoin will be sent to the Bitcoin wallet that you provided us with when creating your order.

But what if I don’t have my own Bitcoin Wallet yet? No Worries! Continue reading below to learn how to get a Bitcoin wallet in Australia.

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Before You Buy Bitcoin Australia You Need a Place to Store it!

If you don’t already have a Bitcoin wallet, the first thing you will need to do is set up somewhere for your Bitcoin to go once you do buy it.  Getting a digital Bitcoin wallet setup is your first step, as without a Bitcoin address you have nowhere to keep your Bitcoin. 

A Bitcoin wallet is the Bitcoin equivalent of your Australian bank account for your AUD.

Bitcoin wallets come in all shapes and sizes, and this will act as your centre of gravity when it comes to your interactions with the Bitcoin world. You receive Bitcoin to this wallet and you send Bitcoin from this wallet, and some cryptocurrency wallets even allow you to store over 200 cryptocurrencies in the one program! (as can be seen above)

There are many safe and easy Bitcoin Bitcoins on the market (and many unsafe and hard wallets!) but I personally like to use a Bitcoin wallet called Exodus. You can get Exodus from, and you can have a desktop version or a mobile version – or both!

Downloading Exodus Bitcoin wallet guide

For the sake of this guide let’s choose the desktop version. Keep in mind that you can set up the Exodus bitcoin wallet on both your phone and computer and sync them to the same account. 

The GIF above will show you how to navigate the Exodus website to download and install your new Bitcoin wallet.

Exodus Wallet Australia AUD Buy Bitcoin

Once Exodus completes its download, just click on the installer and Exodus setup will begin. You will not need to create an account or even provide your name – your Bitcoin wallet is already created! ⚡

Now we can move onto the next step – Buy Bitcoin Australia and have BTC sent to your Exodus Bitcoin wallet in minutes! Make sure to keep your Exodus Bitcoin wallet open for this stage as it will prove to be important in the ordering process.

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I used Easy Crypto Australia to Buy Bitcoin – Now What?

Now that you have used Easy Crypto to buy Bitcoin in Australia, your next move is to decide what you want to do with your new-found BTC.

You have several decent options, ranging from money-making, diversification and using Bitcoin as an actual currency.

  • Use your Bitcoin to buy other things in Australia or abroad.
  • Get into Bitcoin day trading, where you buy bitcoin when it’s price is low and sell your Bitcoin when its price is high.
  • Diversify your cryptocurrency investments by exchanging some of your Bitcoin into another promising cryptocurrency.
  • Put some of your Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet on your phone and get the mates to do the same. Start making bets and paying your mates with Bitcoin.
  • Use your Bitcoin to donate to charities.
  • Buy Bitcoin in Australia for your friends and family

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