What is Bitcoin? Australia’s Most Trusted Bitcoin Guide

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What is Bitcoin? – Australia’s Bitcoin Guide

Developed and released to the world in 2009 by an unknown creator going by the alias ‘Satoshi Nakamoto‘, Bitcoin (BTC) was the first successful cryptocurrency gifted to the world. Bitcoin is now over 11 years old, and has seen a 99.9% network uptime over it’s short yet exciting lifespan.

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Bitcoin represents a brand new class of money – one that is purley native to the internet and is not controlled by banks, governments or other corporations. Due to these reasons and more, Bitcoin has exploded in price in recent years, and has generated an unprecedented amount of hype, speculation and global adoption.

Bitcoin price AUD from 2014 to 2020 log scale BTC Coinmarketcap
Bitcoin price in AUD from 2014 – 2020

These factors combined assisted Bitcoin in achieving the title of the best-performing asset of the 2010s – and BTC already stands tall as the best performing-asset of 2020.

For a quick rundown on the basics of Bitcoin, the 2-minute video below will prove immensely helpful. 🙂

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Australia

If you want to own or buy Bitcoin, you first need a place to store your Bitcoin safely. 😎

This is the role of a Bitcoin wallet – a digital account that you store your Bitcoin in. Everyone who owns Bitcoin also owns a Bitcoin wallet, and the good news is that Bitcoin wallets are free, safe and very easy to set up.

Click here to see our guide on your best choices for Bitcoin wallets in Australia.

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Why Do People Buy Bitcoin?

There are many good reasons to use and buy Bitcoin, but most people use Bitcoin as an alternative currency, investment vehicle, store of value, or as a self-sovereign banking platform.


Since Bitcoin wallets are independent to banks, governments and corporations – when you own Bitcoin, you are in full control of your money, and you possess supreme and exclusive rights to your Bitcoin wallet and stash.

International Transfer

The Bitcoin network is native to the internet, so transactions within the Bitcoin network have no comprehensions of international borders. Bitcoin can be sent anywhere in the world in seconds, generally at cheaper fees than when using traditional currencies.

even in 2020, in some cases, it’s faster to strap your cash to an anvil and fly it to your recipient’s location than it is to send it via traditional international money wire.

Universal Currency

Due to Bitcoin existing solely on the internet, the only limits to Bitcoin’s accessibility is accessibility to the internet itself. Anyone on Earth with an internet connection and smartphone can use Bitcoin as a universal currency – and transact this virtual money seamlessly on a level playing field.

Private & Censorship Resistant

Thanks to Bitcoin operating on its own platform-independent to governments, banks and corporations, unless you choose to link your real-life identity to your Bitcoin wallet, there is no way that banks, governments or other corporations can view your wallet balances or transactions.

All Bitcoin transactions are 100% irreversible, and there is no central customer service helpdesk you can call to reverse a transaction or request a refund. All transactions on the Bitcoin network are immutable – period. You also don’t need to ask for permission to make a transaction, nor can anyone stop you from making one.

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Regardless of how people chose to use Bitcoin, there is one thing that is undoubtedly clear – Bitcoin is nothing short of a catalyst for a financial revolution.

Now that we’ve covered what is Bitcoin and how Bitcoin wallets work, there is a high chance that you now want to buy Bitcoin and toy around with some BTC in Australia yourself. 🤙

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How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

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