Easy Crypto Australia’s 100% Funds Safety Guarantee

funds safety guarantee with easy crypto

Easy Crypto is proud to announce that we now offer a 100% funds safety guarantee.

From the second we receive your funds right through until we send out your order, you can have full confidence that you’re not at risk of losing your funds – we’ve got your back.

  • Our funds safety guarantee starts once we receive your payment (AUD if you are creating a buy order, or crypto if you are creating a sell order). We can’t guarantee keeping your funds safe if we haven’t received them!
  • Our funds safety guarantee finishes when we send the payment to the address/account you asked us to send to. Please note that we can’t take any responsibility if you gave us the wrong details.
  • We guarantee ourselves and our suppliers, e.g. if we send your funds to an exchange and that exchange gets hacked – we will still honour your trade.
  • This is not a price guarantee – as per our order form, prices are only locked in once payment is received and may vary from what you were quoted, depending on when your payment arrives.
  • Funds safety guarantee does not apply to orders that are fraudulent or unlawful