How to Ask A Friend to Join the Cryptocurrency Revolution?

A woman thinking of how to get a skeptic friend to join the cryptocurrency revolution

Here at Easy Crypto we understand the addiction that is cryptocurrency trading. You are not alone in this affliction!

However, you will find that when you are socialising with your ‘non-crypto’ (or no coiner) friends your addiction is too hard to keep bottled inside.  Inevitably you blurt out your opinion on zero confirmation transactions vs lightning and all you get back is a blank stare. 

We are a big advocate of these in-depth discussions around the technology going forward, but more so than this, we believe in, and our goal is to assist mainstream adoption. 

We know first-hand how hard it is to assist a ‘non-crypto’ friend to buy their first Bitcoin. Our genesis as a company was formed due to this very issue. So here are some tips for converting your friends to the fun of blockchain:

  1. Stick to the K.I.S.S principle

    Explain crypto in simple terms. Many people are put off by the overly technical discussion initially.

  2. Avoid jargon

    Some jargon is inevitable but try to stay clear on basic items.

  3. Explain advantages

    What are the future advantages of cryptocurrency?

  4. Assist them to purchase 

    Send them to a simple service such as Easy Crypto.

  5. Help them make their first peer to peer small transaction

    This can open up their eyes to the possibilities.

  6. Dispel the myths

    There are many myths, such as Bitcoin being a pyramid scheme. Make sure you put people right on this.

I have found that when ‘non-crypto’ people engage you on Bitcoin (and inevitably its price) they usually have a few small follow up questions. 

This is where you can inject some much needed education, I find dispelling myths as the most conversation provoking topic, as it opens new users’ mind to what cryptocurrency can actually achieve.

What are your tips for converting the ‘uncoined’?