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How to start with Bitcoin in Australia

Is it Easy to Start with Bitcoin in Australia? It’s 2020 and Bitcoin is easier than ever to purchase in Australia. 🦘You can easily grab what you need and start your crypto journey in no time at all. To get started, you will first need a place to store your Bitcoin (BTC). If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin wallets take.

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You Can Now Exchange Between Cryptocurrencies!

Easy Crypto is stoked to announce that you can now effortlessly exchange between cryptocurrencies with our new crypto-to-crypto exchange feature!! 💥 And even better news, we don’t charge any fees on this! 🥰 With our new crypto-to-crypto exchange feature, you can now directly exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into other cryptos like Ethereum – sent directly to your wallet of choice.  Instead.

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May 2020 Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Kicking off May saw an explosive 30% increase in Bitcoin’s price in the 7 days lead up to the Bitcoin Halving, which took place on the 11th of May 2020. 🏆 Bitcoin’s fruitful price gains would come to a close with a sharp -13% price correction on the day of the halving – sobering up the markets while offering an.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Statistics

BITCOIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY STATISTICS As you can see on the X-Axis of this graph the number of Bitcoin transactions per quarter is increasing over time.  The Y-Axis of this chart shows each quarter from Q1 2016 – Q4 2019 In this graph, we take a look at the Bitcoin Blockchain size in megabytes over time quarterly.  As we can see.

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The big crypto moments of 2019

1. Facebook announced its ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency The largest media story of 2019 hands down must go to the Facebook announcement of its own Digital Currency named Libra.  When news of this story broke, bitcoin and the crypto market in general hit a 2019 all time high.  However, after the initial hype died down, regulators began to pour cold water on.

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How to buy Bitcoin in Australia – Statistics on buying Bitcoin internationally and locally

Where can I buy bitcoin in Australia? There are many exchanges in Australia where you can purchase Bitcoin.  Some are slow and cumbersome to verify with also some are very complicated.  Easycrypto.com.au is the fastest most user friendly onramp for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Australia. Who buys Bitcoin in Australia and why? There is a range of people.

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